Nothing That Isn’t

Nothing That Isn’t

Whatever you do, whatever you be,

There isn’t a thing that God does not see.

For He is All Knowing, and She is All Wise,

For those who don’t know him in many a disguise.

He’s the floors and the ceiling, the walls and the paint,

To realize this all at once, you probably would faint.

He’s the ground at your feet,

He’s the Blue in the sky,

He’s Love Everlasting,

Through Eternity Never Dies.

The fish in the sea, and the sand on the beach,

The seeds in the papaya, and the fuzz on the peach.

The gleam in your eye, and the smile on your face,

There’s nothing more created that will ever take His place.

Pure Imagination and Brilliant ideas,

Love Ever Flowing for they are All His.

The nerves in your fingers, and the tone of your voice,

Attunement to Him is a God Guided Choice.

So Open Your Heart and Quiet Your Mind,

Let His Gift of Blessings flow freely and you’ll find,

We are One, We are Perfect, We are Pure, Whole and All,

Many aspects of One, let Him in, Make The Call.

Live with Love, Live with Peace, Live with Faith, Live with Joy,

In the Kingdom as a Child, Little Girl, Little Boy.

With God as Our Playmate, as Our Friend, as our Self,

Expanding Consciousness here to Guide Us,

Love a flowing, Perfect Health.