Within the Golden Wisdom

Within the Golden Wisdom of Universal Mind,
You will find Illumination the kind from God Divine.
Within the Ancient Scriptures, Disciplines and Laws,
You’ll find a Golden Pathway lined with Love for One and All…

The Pathway starts, on a Ruby-Red Road,
Placing yourself in the Action Mode.
We’re placed within the Physical Plane,
And with God’s Will, here we can remain.

We Expand Within and Expand Without,
Expanding with Balance, I have no doubt.
Perfecting ourselves on the Physical plane,
and giving our self no reason to complain. 

With God-felt Security, in all Blood, muscles and Cells,
Attuning to the Ruby-Red, your Physical Body Excels.
Controlling Physical Desires and Manifesting Grace,
I know Now God Inside Me, His Love forever sets the pace.   

Within the Ruby-Red is Now a Golden Glow,
Here Now is a Master, I think We All Should Know.
A Son of God, the Master Jesus,
His Pathway leads to God and Frees Us.  

As you are a Traveler on the Pathway, on the road,
If you have a heavy burden, on the Holy Spirit you can unload. She’ll lift away any pressure, uncertainty or pain,
I promise you with the Holy Spirit, your Calls are Not In Vain.

Upon the Path, you Expand and Grow,
Be always at one, this you should know.
Pray always for Guidance and give Gratitude,
Thank God for your being and a Holy Attitude.

The start of the Pathway is the Foundation you lay,
So give yourself the Strongest Support, and this is what I say.


 With his Faith and Guidance, you won’t have to look back,
You can live in the Presence, not living in lack.
Our time is Now and it has always been,
Living in God, no Illusion of sin.

And Now we move into a Finer Vibration of Light
and to the Chakra of the Spleen,
A Bright Fire-Orange Glowing,
to make your Emotions Clean.

Sweet Tender Emotions, Filled with Joyful notions.
Six petals spinning, A-keeping you grinning.
The Life-Force Light, In the One, we’re All Right.

The Life-Force Light, how it Shines and Glows,
Radiating the Colors,
  Orange, Yellow, Green,
Blue, Violet,
and Rose.  Extending the Rose as a Healing Ray,
Quite a Lovely Rose, Brings Blessings Today.

 We call forth Clarity and Perfection of the Subconscious Mind, Realize it’s from God and its basis, Divine.
Release stuck Attention, habit patterns, and blocks,
Calling forth GOD’S Light and the Treasure it unlocks.

We Cleanse our View for the Many and the Few,
And feel GOD’S Presence in everything we do.
See Fire Orange Light with a Crystal Core,
Knowing GOD’S Presence is the Presence to Adore. 

He sends us Archangel Gabriel of Purity and Perfection’s Light,
We Cleanse the Subconscious and see it Bright.
Emotional Balance, the Extension of Joy,
Socializing with GOD’S Children and GOD’S Light employ.  

We not only have an Archangel, but a Master to Attune to,
Serapis Bey of Luxor and the symbol, Crescent Moon.
We can Merge in Meditation, we can Merge in daily life,
Eliminate confusion and transcend Illusion’s strife.

Now the Spleen is Clean and the Subconscious Clear,
We’ve removed the Vibration of emotional fear.
These Great Tools of Light help us on Our Spiritual Flight,
Now GOD within us, we expand our Sight.

Now moving on up to the next step,
Where the Thoughts and Will of the Lower Mind are kept.
Ten Shining Petals in a Clear Yellowish Light, Cleansing the Thoughts and making them Bright.

Merging Your Will with GOD’S Will Forever you grow,
It’s Clarity of Thought through Attunement, you know.
A Clear Bright Yellowish Light, GOD’S Will in your Sight,
Attune to the ONE, both and beyond day and night.   

With a Diamond Mind and a Crystal Reflection,
Filled with Thoughts of GOD, going in His direction.
Conclusion and Judgments of a Limited Mind,
Are Now Flowing freely, Merged with the Divine.

The Logic and Systems, with no nonsense opinions,
Perfectly Balanced Mind, with Master Dominion.
The Three-Cornered Triad of the Lower Self,
Is now Ascending into Eternity’s Wealth.  

Now your Mind is Bright, And full of Light.
You’ve eliminated fear, and you’re Thinking Clear.
With Constant Thoughts on the ONE, the Illusion undone,
We now move to the next step and Merge with the Son.

We Merge with the Son, in the Center of the Heart,
A Joyous Reunion, the Christ Light does Impart.
Your Souls Experience in the Twelve Petals right here,
With the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Christ Light so Clear.

Now this Light Filled Lotus, GOD Awareness as Love,
Purifies from within us, as well as Above.
Balance of Green, Wisdom of Gold,
The Prophets and Wise men of GOD’S Love foretold.

The Soul, the Center, the Heart of Life,
Merging Above, So Below Perfect Balance, no strife.
The Eye of the Needle, the head of a pin,
Clear Meditation on God at the Heart, is “Where To Begin”.

Use Knowledge to gain Wisdom as you Forever Expand,
With Calm Patience and Purpose, no need to demand.
Open your Heart and Receive Blessings so vast,
Look Now behind you and see a Crystal Clear Past.   

Twelve Shining Petals with a Crystal Christ Light Glimmer, Illuminating all with a Translucent Golden Shimmer.
A Soulful Presence of Humanity as One,
Merged Eternally with the FATHER, HOLY SPIRIT, and SON.

So the Three Flames Burn and Continually Expand,
I know GOD’S WILL is the Perfection of Man.

So live in your Heart, Love GOD and bid him “ENTER”.
Thine altar of Life, of which “HE IS THE CENTER”.
You’ve Risen this Wide and continue to Grow,
Next step; the Vishudda, the Creativity Flow.

Sixteen Petals of a Crystal Sky Blue,
With the Words of Peace and Harmony throughout Eternity True. El Morya the Master, blazing Sapphire Blue,
With Angel Faith of God and Victor Michael True Blue.
Direction, Protection, God’s Will, God Perfection.

To Experience the Love, Ever Expanding, Never Kept.
We experience Within and never without,
Everything is in GOD, and of this I don’t doubt.  

This Chakra of the Throat, Blazing with Might,
GOD Bless the Vishudda, Clear, Blue and Bright.

Each Petal has an aspect to Attune,
With constant Peace in Meditation,
ideas will come to you clear as a Harvest Moon.
The Petals will glow and fluctuate, too,
Concentrate and Contemplate and they stabilize for you.  

See Past Life Experience, the Power of the Spoken Word,
and the Fine Vibration of Clair audio heard.
Ideas come in a Creative Wave,
Be obedient to GOD and always behave.
Be an artist in life, with Clear Creative Ideas,
And always remember, All Ideas, are but HIS.  

He is the One Father, He created the One Son,
Forever Blessed by the Holy Spirit, the Three become ONE.
With the Mighty Blue Ray of GOD’S Power and Peace,
With Archangel and Ascended Master you Divinely release.

Perfect Truth and Abundant Faith here,
Now we’ve risen above separation and fear.
Remember always to keep your Love Forever Interlaced,

From the Throat to the Brow, we now Ascend,
GOD’S Power, to Vision, Clear Seeing begins.

With God Perspective of Total Oneness of All,
I perceive Great Visions and make Unity’s Call.
Lapping the Transmutation Fires Force,
sets creation of Planet Earth
on a True and Proper course.

A Magic Violet Flame causes illusion’s veil to fail.
Bringing forth Success and Freedom of God Reality to prevail.
Surrounding minds of men
in a transforming, clearing fashion,
showing Humanity God’s Love
in Mercy and Compassion.

In the Pineal and Pituitary Glands, of GOD Perfection we command!Violet Fire Rays so strong, Divine Archangels do no wrong.
Come Zadkiel, come Holy Amethyst,
come bring Balance to my Brow,
I call forth your Light, your Vision Bright, I call it here right now.

I see all beings full and clear in the Holy Spirit’s Grace,
With GOD’S presence to bless the Son
in the Entire Human Race.

In every atom, molecule, drop of blood and speck of flesh,
From just One Source we come of course
and all pieces of it mesh.

My beloved Saint Germaine have thy presence in my Heart!
Thy Vision and Bewonderment
beside Jesus we never part.
Thy Golden Master Consciousness for all this do we pray,
Bless your presence among us, manifest this very day.

We say Glory, Glory, GOD sendth Light,
of Beloved Masters and Saints so Bright.
See we listen well the Wisdom True,
of Pink, and Gold, and Sapphire Blue.

Guide our Centers, Four, Six, and Ten,
bring lost souls to a welcomed end.
Muddled emotions and unclear minds,
oh Guide us Saints to those Divine.

Into Twelve into our Soul, bring forth Direction and GOD Control.
Our Flowers Blooming, our Petals Bright,
fill us with Love and GOD Delight!

Our purpose clear to be as ONE,
the false reality is now undone.
For Us to create Heaven on Earth
is GOD’s Plan and Humanity’s worth. 

So Guide us Saints and Masters true
that we overcome just like you.

I call, I call, I call forth now Transmutation Fires to me endow.
May Action taken and Spoken Word said,
Direct Humanity to One Godhead.

May we see through all the limited religions, customs, and nations
and through all of Humanity’s
limited manifestations.
May all of Humanity the Oneness see
that we live together in Perfect Harmony.

We have enough to do without causing separations,
Oh GOD, dear GOD guide our nations.
Make us ONE, Perfect, Whole, and All.
I stand right here and Make the Call.

I Thank You GOD, beyond words or speech,
and I Pray Dear GOD the Whole World you reach.
For within Each Person I see now in All,
the Living Answers to my Beckoned Calls.
I ask not for myself, but for the Entire Human Race
see us to Victory, and a Bright First Place.
For the Son is One, and by the Father’s side
of This Reality we cannot hide.

So Guide us Well, and Guide us True
show All Humanity the Pathway to You.
Let it be known Within All of Our Hearts
to Begin with GOD is Where to Start.


 Come one, come all, come be at peace, Illumined Wisdoms I release.
A Christ light flame flows in my crown,
The Sonship connection I have found.
The twelve petals in the center of my head,
with golden light I do imbed.
The vibrant light of universal mind,

confirms the connection with the divine.

See the bud as it flowers, expands with light,
now outer petals, blazing bright.
Pure angelic force of God’s true love
flows to this center, as the Holy Dove.

God Spirit pure, God Spirit bright,
descend, descend, descend, the white.
The white to blaze so clear and sure,
True Christ awareness is never impure.

Always perfect, pure, whole and all,
God bless the light that I stand tall.
Release the past, for it all is fixed,
God clear me now! I am unmixed.

Correlate Body, Mind, and Soul,
so I flow with the Holy Spirit, in divine control.
To emanate God’s presence and peace,
and focus this light, in constant release.

Clear impressions, the gift of guidance
within the Glowing Golden Center,
make attunement to the One,
and bid God’s presence there to enter.

As the presence fills you,
you’ll experience great bliss,
then you begin to wonder
how reality became amiss.

To understand the plan of God and us as his creation,
is seen within the freedom of choice, of oneness or separation.
Illusion of the ego, or God Reality,
we have the choice, power,
and freedom within us,
to set all of our beings free.

Attune, attune, attune to light!
Virtues, Ascended Masters, Archangels bright.
God’s Holy Spirit in all your Energy Centers,
accept God’s presence as the mentor.

See a flowing, radiant glowing Crown,
with translucent golden light, the “I AM Light” surround.
the aura bright, crisp and clear, hold God’s presence forever dear.

No stuck attention, blocks or pictures,
within us now the perfect mixture.
All levels of consciousness merged with the source,
Kundalini rising, on a guided course.

We arrange the flowers, the Chakras glowing,
blessed by the Spirit, the crystal flowing.
Perfect balance Root, Spleen, Navel, and Heart,
we know the path, we know where to start.

Throat, Brow, Crown, Christ White, and Clear,
the Immaculate One to my Eye appears.
With no resistance, no living in the past,
the ego illusion, through the black diamond we cast.

We call forth God’s Light, God’s Love, God’s Truth,
the Children of God have Eternal Youth.
The body can die, the Spirit lives,
God gave us both, and both are His.
Let’s experience God as he does us,
with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Do you see one Earth, or Creation unfolding?
Focus the Perfect Picture, and this keep holding.
The Earth is our base, let us bless it with Peace,
for only Love in the Universe should we release.

For first with Peace do we expand and grow,
so All of Eternity we learn to know.
For Creation vast and Creation wide,
All live in One, we shall not divide.
The Planet,
Solar System,
Distant Stars,
all possibilities are given, and all are ours.

The Great Gift is given, acceptance our choice,
pray tell what’s your answer, what sayeth your voice?
Our choice, our reality, which one shall we bring?
Free Flowing Expansion, or to that which we cling?

Those things that Unite, Free, and Uplift,
I see God Reality and this is the Gift.
I have found deep in my Heart,
the Presence Divine.
Attune to your Crown,
Golden flowing Master Mind.



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