Hold The Guiding Hand


Oh Dear God:

Fill me with your Love, I’m an empty Cup,

Turn on the faucet and fill me right up.

To the top of the brim, and over the sides,

The Holy Christ Self in my Heart now presides,

A Clear Crystal Flowing Fountain of Light,

Creates a river of God Oneness and Supreme Healing Delight.

Bathe in the water and walk on the shores,

God’s given the Gifts, and they are both mine and yours.

You can walk in so slowly or dive right on in,

There’s one thing for sure, you’ll come out with a grin.

You can float on your back or bounce on the bottom,

Ask the Holy Spirit for the Gifts, I tell you he’s got em.

In all levels and plains the clear clarity remains,

The world’s coming together, Russians, Germans, and Danes.

Separation is ended, we all live here as one,

We need no heavy artillery, and to hell with all guns.

Political leaders used to get us in jams,

And large corporations would invest in the scams.

TV and newspapers would fill our minds all with strife,

With dreams of young rich and famous, and a beautiful wife.

Fancy cars, going on out to bars, take a cruise on the Rhine

Well what about all those other people

who have nothing on which to dine?

Until total unity through the veil we see

Let us pray for Humanity and its Souls Eternity.

He said it one time, I’m going to say it again,

If you’re looking for Heaven, it comes from within.

It’s been sitting right there in the center of your Heart,

There since conception, right from the start.

Many people have found this, and many more will,,

We are raising Humanity, there’s no room for kill.

Just life-everlasting, total consciously One,

Once you find God in your Heart, it’s only just begun.

He’s a close friend, lifelong companion,

from your space He never leaves,

He’s always straight and to the point, for his love won’t weave.

In any open moment, take time to say hello,

Ask for a little guidance, expanded consciousness you’ll sew.

All things will come together like a zipper on a tent,

Questions to the Holy Spirit is your Attention wisely spent.

Morning, afternoon, and night,

Fill your body with Healing Light.

The mind of God is where we live;

He created everything and it’s his to give.

He set the wheels rolling, and we jumped right on the wagon;

It’s time the World was One; release the past, I see it’s draggin’.

Let go the heavy garbage, lighten up the load,

The path will be much smoother, you can straighten up the road.

See the light ahead and also in your heart,

We’ll find ourselves together unified, Humanity we impart.

We’ve got equal distribution of a storehouse of wealth,

Living in your heart, the Holy Christ Self.

Love, Truth, and Wisdom on his calling card,

His road is edged with diamonds, and newly lined and tarred.

You’ll enjoy his company so well, you won’t ever want him to leave,

The Holy Christ Self is in us all, and this I do believe.

I believe it all so deeply, that the Father made the Son,

I asked the Holy Spirit and she said, ‘Yes Sir, We are One.

Yes, boy, and you are perfect, and where you’re supposed to be.

If you don’t like your situation, come spend more time with me.

For I AM the Light that’s in all things,

From the Angels of God to the birds that sing.

Your total being depends on me

And I’m merged with God for eternity.

God the Father, Me the Mother, and You the Son,

I tell you, my boy, We three are but one.’

The Divine potential in every man, woman and child on Earth,

In the gift of God from creations birth.

Your brother, Jesus, came after sufficient calls,

Many remember him with His picture on their walls.

Now your brother is by my side and soon enough you’ll be there too,

Just call me the Angel that blesses all and everything you do.

If you want things to say and people to say them to,

Just give me the word, and I send them to you.

Or if you would rather stay mellow, chanting on the beach,

And every now and then share with a friend, and something teach.

Your Love is what your Father wants, that’s all you need give him;

But also give it to your neighbor, passerby and friend.

With Forgiveness, Love, and Understanding,

the world is yours to all command;

As long as you stand by the Father, and hold his Guiding Hand.