The Great Invocation II



From the Heart and Mind of God,

streams forth a Brilliant Light.

Unto the Hearts and Minds of Men

it fills them with Delight.

The Light is now descending

to our Beloved Planet Earth

and unto all Humanity

comes forth a Sacred Birth.

From the center point of Love within God’s Great Heart,

this is the very center from which we all have our start.

Now we are a center, and a point of Love.

And through us flows the Mighty Power, the Power of Above.

The Christ has now descended, has to the Earth returned.

The Crystal Fire of a Child of God

is in all of our Hearts the Flame that burns.

Now God’s will is known, and unto all of our Hearts is shown,

the Purpose and the Plan.

God, Humanity, each and every Individual

is but One in Divine Principle, this now we understand.

Divine Guidance is now manifest and directs the Wills of Men,

for the Kingdom of Heaven on Planet Earth is here and now begins.

The Master Self in Purpose, upon the Earth to Serve,

in God Wisdom is the Action, brings forth the Blessings we deserve.

From the center of the Race of Man,

now Love and Light is the Plan.

We focus on Harmony, Freedom, and Joy,

and God Love and Wisdom is employed.

Brilliant Light and Love and Power,

saturates the Earth this very hour.

God’s Plan on Earth is now restored,

Cosmic Law and Purpose is the Lord.

The Forces of Light illumine Mankind

raising up Humanity to that of the Divine.

At home and abroad spreads the Spirit of Peace,

abundant Light to the Earth is now released.

Men, Women, and Children of Goodwill everywhere meet,

they take position at our World Government seat.

The Word is now CO-OPERATE, and the Will of God to demonstrate.

Forgiveness is the focus, we now Transmute the Past.

For World Peace on our Planet Earth to Eternally, yes Eternally last.

All Men, Women, and Children now consciously see,

the Way and the Truth to Unity.

The Light and Power and Brilliant Love

Extends the efforts of the Great Ones of Above.

It is now being done and comes into view,

the plan for the Earth and all of Humanity too.

From that point of Light within all of our Hearts,

we invoke that Great and the Mighty Holy Spirit,

and do our parts…