ANTAKARANA: This Hindu word does not have a direct English translation, but it is most accurately described as a bridge or channel for communication between the Personality and Soul.

ARCHANGEL: Within the spectrum of Light there are seven basic rays.  Each ray has its spectrum from the finest or most pure vibration, to its densest or most impure vibration.  These vibrations can be broken down to very fine separate individual spirit forces or angelic forces.  Within duality there is both darkness and light, or an equal and opposite force. In reality there is only one force and power and that is God.  The Archangel force would be that part of the spectrum of light that never falls into the illu­sion of separateness or ego consciousness and is always aware of its oneness with the reality of one God, one Life, and its ever present connection with the divine.  The purest part of the Spectrum can be referred to personally as spirits of God of both Masculine and Feminine attributes as follows:

  1. Blue Ray – Arch­angel Michael, and Archiea Faith.
  2. Golden Ray – Archangel Jophiel, and Archiea Christine.
  3. Pink Ray – Archangel Chamuel, and Archiea Charity.
  4. White Ray – Archangel Gabriel, and Archiea Hope.
  5. Green Ray – Archangel Raphael, and Archiea Mary.
  6. Golden Ruby Ray – ­Archangel Uriel, and Archiea Aurora.
  7. Violet Ray – Archangel Zadkiel, and Archiea Holy Amethyst.

I have also incorporated these colors and the system of the 7 Archangels into my daily Chakra meditations.
Base of the spine = Golden Ruby, Spleen = White, Navel = Emerald Green, Heart = Golden, Throat = Sapphire Blue,
Brow/Third Eye = Violet, Crown = Pink. You can also use a Color Ray a day in meditation, for example on Monday I slowly and evenly fill each Chakra one at a time with Golden light. Of course you can also pray to the Archangels for blessing and guidance for yourself and others.

ASCENDED MASTER: An individualized soul who has perfected his consciousness, balanced his karma, has total control of his attention and how and where it is paid, and possesses the ability to teach others to do the same.  All souls will go through the ritual of ascension as part of their souls involution-evolution experience.  Ascended Beings are said to live in the spirit plane, etheric plane, or in the physical plane of Shambala.  It is also said that certain masters have etheric retreats at certain places upon the planet.

BALANCE: To bring or to keep in equilibrium: to adjust, to weigh in the mind, to deliberate upon, to keep in due proportion to be equal or adjusted: to make the center of gravity of a rotating body coincide with the line or center on which it is supported, by adding, taking away or shifting material (whether it be ma­terial of a physical, emotional, or of mental nature).

BLUE: Master El Morya.  Peace, harmony, balance, justice, truth, power, protection and the will of God.  Sapphire blue of Arch­angel Michael and Archiea Faith.  Used to develop creativity and stimulate ideas.

BLACK: Master Babaji.  Used to rebuke evil.  Color of unmanifest potential.

CHAKRA:  A center of energy located in the subtle body where the subtle nerve channels converge like the spokes of a wheel. Six major chakras lie within the central channel. When awakened, kundalini shakti flows upward from the base of the spine through these six centers to the seventh chakra, the sahasrara, at the crown of the head. For more information visit  (This was the first book on the chakras that I read in my mid 20’s in 1979. I utilized the meditation in the book and experienced the release of the root chakra energy),

CHEERFULNESS: The quality or state of being cheerful; marked by cheer or by spontaneous good spirits arising from a carefree sanguine attitude and a hearty bright lively disposition; likely to brighten, encourage and dispel gloom or worry.  Cheer; brightness of mind and feeling; a shout or acclamation express­ing enthusiasm, applause, favor. encouragement; to give new hope to; lift from discouragement, dejection or sadness to a more happy state; to instill gladness, to make glad or cause to be happy with or as if with gaiety or festivity.  Comfort, Inspirit, Invigorate.

COMPOSURE:    Calmness or repose especially in frame of mind or in bearing or appearance.  Balanced Composition: The ordering or arranging of something into proper proportion or relation. The formation of a whole, especially by different things being put together.  The particular arrangement or combination of parts of a unit or whole.  Harmonious arrangement.

CONSTANCY: Steadfastness or firmness in mind (as under hardship, duress, or suffering).  Fortitude or endurance, Fidelity, Loyalty, devotion, Stability and Uniformity.

CONTROL:(1) To exercise authority or dominating influence over; direct; regulate. (2) To hold in check. (3) A restraining act or influence.

DISPASSION:    Freedom from or lack of strong feeling, calmness; free from the influence of passion; cool. calm and composed.

DIRECTION: The position of one point in relation to another without reference to the amount of distance in between.  Instructions on how to proceed.

EFFORT: Conscious exertion of physical or mental power.  Active or effective force.  The total energy expended and work done to achieve a particular purpose or result.

GENTLENESS:    The quality or state of being gentle, especially in mildness of manners or disposition.  Tamed, domesticated, quiet, tractable and docile.  Benignly gracious or kind in manner.  Not harsh or stern.  Mild, considerate& and tender.  Honorable, noble, distinguished.  Gentle (archaic).  Having qualities ascribed to a person of noble birth. chivalrous, Courteous.

GOLD: Master Sanat Kumara, Lord Lanto.  Golden ray of Wisdom and illumination.  Used to seal the Aura.  Archangel Jophiel and Archiea Christine.

GRANDIOSITY: Impressive because of uncommon largeness, scope, effect, grandeur, or majesty.  The quality or state of being grandiose.

GRATITUDE:   An appreciative awareness and thankfulness, as for kindness shown or something received.

GRAVITY: The quality or state of being grave. sobriety or seriousness of character or demeanor.  Importance; signifi­cance, dignity. Influence, authoritativeness.  Grave: Deserving serious consideration and thought.

GREEN: Master Gautama Buddha and Lady Kuan Yin.  Color of Buddhic wisdom.  Used to heal internal organs.  Emerald green ray of Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary.  Poise, balance, self­ control.

HARMONY: (1) Agreement in feeling, approach, action, disposition, or the like; sympathy; accord. (2) The pleasing interaction or appropriate combination of the elements in a whole.

HUMILITY:   The quality or state of being humble in spirit.  Free­dom from pride or arrogance.  Humble: Modest or meek in spirit, manner or appearance, not proud or haughty.  Absence of vanity.

IDA: The Nadi or astral channel of energy starting in the root, base, or Kundalini Chakra and moving up to the Brow, Pineal, or third-eye Chakra.  Its movement parallels the susbumna nadi and ends above the left nostril.  The Ida is referred to as the moon nadi due to its cooling nature.

INDIGO: Master Djwal Kul.  Used to heal sense organs, skin and sexual organs.

JUSTICE: (1) Moral rightness; equity. (2) Honor and fairness. (3) Good reason. (4) Fair handling; due reward or treatment. (5) The administration and procedure of law. (6) To approach with proper appreciation; enjoy fully. (7) To show to full advantage.

KARMA:  The Law of Cause and Effect

It is my personal understanding that karma is an impersonal ongoing mathematical equation specific to our individual Soul’s growth and experience and our entire evolution throughout time and space.  As the energy is used personally to create effects in our life whether it be for good or bad effects, and sometimes we are unaware of the total effect of our actions.  After the action is put into motion by our personal will, the force and consciousness used in the action continues as a residual form of energy and is translated into karmic energy equivalents which can then be returned instantly, or returned at some time in the future to us.

This energy can be returned in seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks, months, years, the next lifetime or next successive lifetimes.  As a person becomes more aware of the universality of the karmic laws one will act accordingly to balance their karma and bring a equality of causes and effects.  I believe that instantly with each action, thought, word and deed we plant the seed of our own tree of life and how well it grows and how healthy the fruit of the tree will be.  So becoming consciously aware of our basic energy radiations such as love and hate or good will or ill will and everything in between, we will assist ourselves in the creation of balanced karma.

Self control is one important pathway to enlightenment and the Kingdom of Heaven (the abode of perfect balance, love, wisdom, truth and peace). Karma can be made personally or created by a group as in a family or such larger groups as gangs, teams, religions, nationalities or races. Any organization of thought processes within a separate mind or within a group minds making conscious willful choices of personal attitudes or of physical actions which effect themselves or others is creating karma. The simple act of prayer, depending on what you pray for can cause positive or negative karma or can balance or offset a negative or positive karma that has returned to you for you to handle in more or a intelligent way than the last time you dealt with it or when you created it.

Some belief systems have formulated a list of Cosmic Beings that control the karmic merits and demerits and make decisions on how to have the soul given an opportunity to balance their karma or repay their karmic debt. It is my personal belief that the accounting and control of karmic energies is inherently contained in the divine universal system of creative energy control organized by a much purer, wiser and totally conscious eternal being. I will agree that there is a possibility of more ascended human consciousnesses or angelic beings holding or exercising control in some circumstances over or within the structure of the cosmic law of karma and in some circumstances an individual soul can gain favor and therefore divine grace (divine intervention).

Lords of Karma, or Members of the Karmic Board:

Great Divine Director
Goddess of Liberty
Ascended Lady Master Nada
Cyclopea, Elohim of the Fifth Ray
Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth
Portia, the Goddess of Justice
Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy

The Karmic Board dispenses justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy and judgment on behalf of every life stream. All life streams pass before the Karmic Board before each incarnation on earth to receive their assignment and karmic allotment for that lifetime. They pass before the Karmic Board again at the conclusion of each lifetime to review their performance.

(I am sure there is a system of checks and balances in the higher spiritual realms that has to do with the proper use of energy that a soul is given to use through personal will and choices, I tend to think that cosmic law continues to seek balance and harmony so with that in mind, no matter what or who the energy is labeled it is an aspect of karmic law that guides the balance of karma and the opportunity to balance karma).

KUNDALINI:   The power of consciousness pure and divine.  Holy Spirit supreme energy that lays dormant in the base of the spine.

LOVE: (1) An intense affectionate concern for another person. (2) An intense sexual desire for another person. (3) A beloved person. (4) Term of endearment. (5) A strong fondness or en­thusiasm for something. (6) The benevolence, kindness or brotherhood that man should rightfully feel toward others.  In Theology: (1) God benevolence and mercy toward men. (2)mans devotion to or adoration of God.

MANTRA:  A mantra or mantram  is a powerful spiritual formula which, when repeated silently in the mind, has the capacity to transform consciousness. The mantram may create an opportunity for old thoughts and feelings, old fears and guilts, to be released, or healed, or let go.

MAGNANIMITY: A loftiness of spirit enabling one to sustain danger and trouble with tranquility, firmness and courage. (Archaic) A loftiness of ambition and outlook of a soul which delights in bold enterprises.  A nobility of feeling that is superior to meanness, pettiness or jealousy and that disdains revenge or retaliation.  Generosity of mind.

MASTERY: (1) Possession of consummate skill. (2) The status of Master or Ruler; Dominion; Control. (3) Full command of some subject or study.

MEDITATION:(1) Act of meditating; deep continued thought. (2) Deep continued freedom from thought. (3) Deep reflection on sacred matters as a devotional act. (4) oral or written mate­rial, as a sermon, based on meditation.

NADIS: The channels in which life force flows within the body on both physical and astral dimensions.  The physical body nadis are the nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph ducts.  The main astral or subtle channels are the Ida, Pingala, and the Sushumna, the lines of force moving parallel with the spinal cord.  Moving from the Base Chakra to the Brow Chakra.

NON-AGITATION: Non: Meaning not. (1) To move violently: stir or shake up.  To excite or disturb the feelings of.

OBEDIENCE:   The quality or condition of obeying or carrying out a request or command.

OM: The all encompassing cosmic consciousness beyond words or concepts, also known as the cosmic sound or  wavelength of creation from it’s beginning to the end of the great cosmic cycle. Also known as AUM.

ONE-POINTEDNESS: one: (1) Being of a single thing or unit; not two or more. (2) Characterized by unity; forming a whole; united; undivided (with one accord).  Pointed: (1) A purpose, aim, or object. (2) To aim or be directed. (3) Extend in a specific direction. (4) Clearly aimed at or referring to someone or one thing.

ORANGE: Masters Lady Rasha and Odyssa.  Used to heal the nervous system and for psychic development.  Color of joy, excitement, and fun.

PINGALA: The Nadi or astral channel of energy starting in the Root, Base, or Kundalini chakra and moving up to the Brow, Pineal, or third-eye Chakra. Its movement parallels the Su­shumna Nadi and ends above the right nostril.  The Pingala is referred to as the Sun Nadi due to its warming nature.

POWER: (1) The ability or capacity to act or perform effectively.
(2) A specific  exerted might.
(3) The ability or official capacity to exercise control; authority.
(4) Forcefulness; effectiveness.

QUIETUDE: The state of being quiet; rest; calmness.  Quiet: still, calm, motionless, peaceful, relaxing, silent, freedom of tur­moil or agitation.

RAYS: The Seven Rays of Consciousness or light, love, and life. These are energy vibrations in the form of seven different hues of light.  They are seven in one.  They are a complete spectrum, encompassing all levels of human consciousness.  The spectrum includes the lowest to the highest vibration possible for our usage. Our thoughts, knowledge and ideas all have a vibration and energy emanation, and can be translated into a wavelength included within one of the Seven Rays or a combination of one or more of the Seven Rays.  The Seven Rays can be correlated and magnetized to each one of our seven main energy centers or Chakras. Within the higher or purer levels of consciousness there are beings of Master Consciousness called Chohans which oversee and direct the emanations of the Rays to our planet and race.

REALITY: (1) The quality or state of being actual or true. (2) A person, entity, or event that is actual. (3) The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence. (4) That which exists objectively and in fact. (5) The sum that is all real, absolute, and unchangeable.

RED: Ruby Red Ray of Jesus the Christ.  Divine love and opulence.  The divine design in the physical dimension.  The Kundalini Holy Spirit primal force energy.  Used to cleanse and purify the bloodstream.

SHIVA: The all-pervasive supreme Reality; also, one of the Hindu trinity of gods, who carries out the act of destruction or dissolution.

SILVER: Master Hilarion.  Used for power and protection.

SPEED: To promote the onward movement of, help onward, cause to succeed or prosper.  To drive forward rapidly.  To urge on, to advance toward termination, hasten toward conclusion, to expe­dite.  To set and keep in motion.  The act or state of pro­gressing swiftly.  Progress, especially in good fortune: success.

SUSHUMNA:   The Nadi or subtle energy channel which runs up the center of the spine. It is the main or primary Nadi, and is the only Nadi to connect the first six Chakras with the seventh Chakra of the Crown.

THRILL: (1) To cause sharply exhilarating excitement in, or to make shiver or tingle with excitement. (2) To produce vibrations or quivering in. (3) To feel emotional excitement. (4) The qua­lity of thrilling or the ability to thrill.

TIMING: To adapt to the time or occasion.  To bring, begin or per­form, as at a suitable time.  To regulate as to time.  Set the time or determine the rapidity of; to accompany in act or move­ment.  To keep in time, to hamonize, move in time.

VICTORY: (1) Final and complete defeat of the enemy in a mili­tary engagement. (2) Any successful struggle against an oppo­nent or obstacle. (3) The state of having triumphed.

VIOLET: Master Saint Germain.  The Color of Mastery.  Used to cleanse, purify, and to transmute negative energies.  Color of success and freedom, mercy, protection, compassion, and ceremonial magic.  Violet can be used for good only, due to its high vibratory rate.  Archangel Zadkiel and Archiea Holy Amethyst.

VISION: (1) The faculty of sight. (2) That which is or has been seen, (3) Unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight. (4)A mental image produced by the imagination. (5) The mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes of the supernatural or a supernatural being. (6) A person or thing of extraordinary beauty.

WHITE: Master Serapis Bey.  Christ white light of Purity and perfection, resurrection, and ascension.  Archangel Gabriel andArchiea Hope.


(1) Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting. (2) common sense; sagacity; good judgment.  (3) Learning. Experienced knowledge understood in basic principle.

YELLOW: Master Kuthumi.  Used to stimulate and develop the mental body, thinking, logic, systems, and calculation.